Monday, March 22, 2010

Indigo merino Dyed Roving

I started to dyed this merino roving Indigo for a client. I have this nice blue color on this roving that just makes me dyed some more. Well I have a lot of merino, so I can do that later this week. But wanted to show you what it looks likes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Handpainted Merino Rovings on

Well it has being a while since posting. I have been busy creating new colorways for my rovings. Spring is here and I change the way I designed the colorway. Sometime, I suprise myself, as I never know how two colors will collide with each others. Which is a nice suprise when they do blend so well together.

I'm posting pictures and information here, so if you would like to buy the rovings  you can just send me an e-mail to with your selection. I take paypal, so an e-mail that is attached to your paypal account would be great if you would like to purchased the items.

These are also at our etsy store. or at

This roving is above picture.
This roving is call (Ocean Mist 13-N)
The colors are Green, Blue and Golden yellow mustard.
This roving is Merino 22 micron and 64 count,
The weight is 4 oz
It has beautiful colors and it is very soft.
Cost is $14.00 Shipping is $5.00 via Priority Mail


The following is also new at

Springtime Flowers Handpainted Merino Wool Top/Roving 4 oz 13-L
This roving is call (Ocean Mist 13-L)
The colors are  Kelly Green, Orquid Pink, Mustard and small sections of Purple.
This roving is Merino 22 micron and 64 count,
The weight is 4 oz
It has beautiful colors and it is very soft. These colors should have a nice combination when it is made into a yarn.

Cost is $14.00 Shipping is $5.00 Priority Mail.

Coming soon Merino 18 micron. Stay tune.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Fiber added to Etsy

Hi Everyone,

In my search for a new fiber, I have found a new fiber to add to my etsy store.

The new fiber is a very soft mix of 49% Bamboo (Rayon), 28% Wool and 23% Alpaca fiber. This fiber it is very soft to the touch. I have listed 4 oz of White fiber in the shop. I will be dyeing some later on and will post pictures of it.

Here is a picture in its natural white fiber it is comb top.
If anyone is interested in carrying this product, I can order additional onces. I'm a Louet Dealer and I can order any quantities.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!

We have started a new year ......2010.

With this new year we are starting a new blog. Here we will mention things that I make. I hand dye yarns, roving, and I also have an online store. I am also an official dealer for Louet as well.

My Etsy shop is called Knitspin and here is the link:

The shop was established on Etsy in August of 2005, and we are one of the elders of the Etsy community. Here we sell items including yarns, rovings, and other and knitting and spinning related products, hence our name Knitspin.

We are also working on our website as well.
The link is currently pointing to the etsy shop, but when the site is complete, our website will have a lot more items including Louet spinning wheels and other products. Once is published I will let you know via this blog.

I will be adding pictures later on once I figure out how to make those.

Happy New Year to everyone in blog land.